Sunday, 4 January 2009

So So Sad

I,ve just read Jacksons Blog and I cant beleave that Allana has lost two of her cubs to the Lions, I know things happen, after all its life at its rawest, but we all do hope that our favorites will some how survive ...... True ..... !!! I really do hope that when we see Shakira again, that she still has her four girls.

Best wishes for 2009
Be Happy


Mags said...

Hi Shakira, nice to know you are still blogging! Have you been to the Mara? I have been quite a few times and love it so much. I also am sold on Samburu which is a wonderful area. Unfortunately we are unable to travel there now because it is impossible for us to get any insurance because of my husbands illnesses. One day I will go back on my own but maybe only in my dreams. Looking forward to the next Big Cat Live

Have a good 2009

chui said...

Hello All,

Come and join us on this forum - we are all passionate about the Big Cats and Masai Mara

See you all soon.