Monday, 13 October 2008

Hi all, Im new to this but dont worry I will get better !!! Ive done this to keep in touch with all the good friends I made while watching the live webcast of Big Cat Live, I cant wait to see what Jackson has to tell us. be happy people


Mags said...

Hello Shakira, you will be pleased to know that you have one fan already! It was a great programme and Jackson's blog is very interesting too. Have you been on many visits to Africa? We have been about 5 times now but as husband is now uninsurable because of illness we probably wont go again unless I can brave the journey on my own. My favorite places are Samburu and the Mara. Good luck with your blog. Have a look at mine sometime there are some pics of Tanzania where we went last January because of the problems in Kenya. Good but not as good as Kanya.



chui said...

Hi Shakira,

It would be nice to have you this forum as well. We are all passionate big cat fans and share great views and photos.

Hope to see you on soon.